Three Days in East Tennessee

I have put together a playlist on YouTube for all three days that I explored around East Tennessee. This covers the YouTuber meetup, Chuck Swan State Forest, and a trip to another state park. Hope you enjoy it.

Hidden Gem in the Mountains

So over the years, I have been to Chattanooga a few times. There is one area I have overlooked until now, and that is the Bluff View Art District. A couple of years ago we stopped in a place called Tony’s Pasta Shop. Now we didn’t know much about the area then, but we did our research before going this time. So start your mapping with High Street in Chattanooga and this is where you going to find this really cool corner of the world. When I say make a day of it first go to Rembrandt’s Coffee Shop for a really good breakfast and some of the best coffee I have ever had to this point. You can chill out in their outdoor dinning area with the birds chirping and people chatting it up.

So after your little breakfast and cup of joe, it is time to explore the area. Around here you find some really cool old buildings and sculptures spread across the area. The other main and rather large attraction is the Hunter Museum of American Art. Here you will find art from the 1800s to current-day masterpieces. You will also find some amazing views from the museum itself.

So by now if you have walked up another appetite, I have another place to recommend for you and that is Tony’s Pasta Shop for yet another fantastic lunch or early dinner. This place is like out of old-world Italy some amazing Italian food with yet another indoor or outdoor dining experience. So the next time you plan a visit to the Bluff City make time for this.


Well as this trip comes to a close, I want to post some pictures and let you know there will be a video coming soon. While on this trip we also hit a milestone on YouTube. We are now sitting 1700 subscribers. Getting close to that 2K. So here are the pictures from the trip.

First Trip in Two Years

So for the first time in almost two years, we are finally taking a long weekend family trip. So we will be piling up in the family minivan and headed to Chattooga TN. We have been here before, but there are things we still haven’t seen so we are going back. We also have someone tagging along with us on this trip that has never seen this part of Tennessee before. There is something special about East Tennessee and the mountains. Shoot this will be the second time this month to go to this side of Tennessee.

I am so ready to detach from everything, I am so ready to soak up some more of the mountain air and travel again. Some people just never get to experience this kind of thing. Some people never get to see some of these views or even leave the bubble they call their safety net. There are still so many places I have yet to travel to around the world, but in the same breath there is so much here in the US I still want to see first. I guess in closing I want to say get out and explore and see what there is outside of your safety net you call home before it is too late.

Here is Part Two of East Tennessee

Here is part two of my East Tennessee Trip, in this video, most of the YouTubers head home, but I head to Chuck Swan State Forest and do some good old exploring of a really cool forest and some really cool sites along the way and we might even go down a wrong road.

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